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3 Big Ideas to Grow Your Event Business

April 11, 2023

Has your company's revenue hit a plateau? Are you struggling to attract new clients or expand into additional areas? Here are three big ideas for growing your event business and taking your company to the next level.

They're simple to talk about, but take time and energy to implement. However, they're time tested and proven to work across all industries, so if you take them seriously, you're sure to grow.

Growth Tip #1: Build Strategic Partnerships

Can you think of any potential business opportunities you haven't explored yet? Are there other companies that offer products and services that may complement your event business? Are there people who seem to know everyone in a particular industry?

Make a list entitled "People I Should Know" and start thinking of ways to connect with them. After you develop a relationship, talk with them about how you can help each other through referrals or by joining forces on specific projects.

Growth Tip #2: Develop Your Own Personal Brand

Whether you're a business owner or big corporate employee, your success hinges on the power of your own personal brand. Are you the kind of person who always thinks of new and innovative ideas? Perhaps you are the one who always pulls off the impossible, stays calm under pressure or comes in under budget.

Even your personality is part of your personal brand. Are you funny, passionate, cool-headed, crazy, powerful or playful? Don't try to become someone you're not. Rather, amplify who you really are.

Once you know your message and your personal brand hook, it's time to start showcasing it to the world. As you find ways to become known as an all-star in the event business, your business will grow to a new level.

Growth Tip #3: Find a Mentor

Mentorship is one of the most effective ways to grow your event business or career two, three or even ten times faster than everyone else. Put simply, you're learning from those who have spent years paying the price for amazing business insights. It puts you on a fast track that you could never travel on your own.

Why try and figure it all out on your own? Some mentors may offer their help from the goodness of their hearts, but don't be afraid to pay for it. It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but the return to your event business comes faster than most other strategies.

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