Schedule Your Event Staff In Minutes

Take instant control of staff scheduling. Easy to use & custom designed for event teams.

The Benefits of QuickStaff

Fix Broken

Ensure your team shows up on-time, at the right place, in the right uniform and with all the facts. All with just one click.

Speed & Productivity

Stop the endless email threads, phone calls, excel files, notes, follow ups and memory work. Kill the time wasters and work faster.

Staffing Errors

It’s intense work that’s full of endless revisions. Automate your shift invites and tracking, so there’s no more mistakes.

Your Business

Every business has growth-limiters. When you’re bogged down with staff scheduling, you don’t have time for more. Now you do.

How it Works – Custom Built for Event Teams

Control it All From One Single Place

…without email, text messages, phone calls, binders, sticky notes and memory work.

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“With a team of 100 freelancers, staffing jobs by email and telephone can be a hard task. QuickStaff has cut the time in half.”

Kate D.
Senior Project Manager

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Save Time with Automated Staff Emails

Invite as many staff as you like. QuickStaff notifies them all, tracks their responses and fills the roles on a first come, first serve basis.

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“QuickStaff has saved me an incredible amount of time and energy. Instead of having to email individual people all day long, QuickStaff does it for me, to make sure I can get the slots filled.”

Jason P.

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Meet Your New Virtual Staffing Assistant

No commitment, credit card or small talk required.

Track It All, So Nothing Gets Missed

Green, orange and red highlights tell you which events need your attention next.

“QuickStaff has helped me keep organized and streamline my event staffing.”

Grace H.
Event Producer

Avoid Conflicts and Only Schedule AVAILABLE Staff

QuickStaff lets your team members block out the dates they can’t work. At any given time, you can see who is available, and send invitations to only those who can actually say yes.

“I love that our staff can block out days they are not available, which then stops the admin from trying to add them to an event.”

Alexis B.
Logistics Supervisor

With more control comes peace of mind

Try QuickStaff free for 30 days.


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Get Up and Running In 5 Minutes Flat

QuickStaff is best known for one thing: Effortless Event Staff Scheduling. We know you have a million (more important) things to do than scheduling. Our clean design and simplified workflow let can get the job done fast, so you can move on.

Unlike other programs, QuickStaff has a very clean, clutter-free interface and is amazingly simple to use. I was literally up and running within minutes.”

Thomas T.

Keep it Simple for Staff with 1-Click Confirmations

Whether from a desktop or mobile device, accepting a shift is as easy as clicking a button from inside their work invitation. Your team will love the simplicity of nothing to learn, nothing to remember and no login required.

For my staff, all they have to do is click ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – it’s so easy and works so well. Thank you QuickStaff!

Jamie S.
Vice President

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Core Features

Staff Calendars

Keep your staff organized & well-informed with their own online calendars.
iMessage on PC

Block Out Dates

Let staff block out days so you only schedule those who can actually say yes.

Custom Roles

Organize & invite your staff according to roles, so all your needs are always met.

Calendar Sync

Sync your individual events with Google, iCal, Outlook, Yahoo and/or Hotmail Calendars.

Optimized for Mobile

Works great on your mobile, tablet and desktop. Manage your team from anywhere.

Scheduled Reminders

Book staff in advance and let QuickStaff remind them about the event, and to arrive on time!

1-Click Staff Confirmations

Staff can accept your shift requests right inside the invitation with one simple click.

Empty Shift Alerts

When staff decline and shifts are left unfilled, QuickStaff informs you right away.

Crystal-Clear Notes

Keep your notes organized for every event, and share it with your team.

Infinite Staff & Events

There is no limit to the number of events you can create or staff you employ.

Worldwide Access

QuickStaff is available at any time, from anywhere with no downloading required.

Eagle Eye View

With a simple click, you can view a master calendar of all your coming events.

30-Day Free Trial on All Accounts

No credit card required. Sign up in less than 60 seconds. Pick a plan to get started!

per month

  • 25 Staff
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Invitations
  • Fantastic Support
  • No Contract/Commitment

per month

  • 100 Staff
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Invitations
  • Fantastic Support
  • No Contract/Commitment

per month

  • 350 Staff
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Invitations
  • Fantastic Support
  • No Contract/Commitment