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scheduling sucks

Do these problems sound familiar?

After experiencing how inefficient his manager’s scheduling process was, one of our founders knew there had to be a better way. That became Quickstaff.

"where is johnny?"

No Shows

Staff no-shows due to “missed” text messages and unanswered emails is not just frustrating. It also hurts your business.

"I spend hours on each event."

Wasted Time

Spending hours every week filling out spreadsheets, searching your inbox for replies, and checking text messages is a waste of company time and money.

"I need to tell everyone about..."

Poor Communication

When staff show up at the wrong time or to the wrong location because of a miscommunication, your service and your general state of mind suffers.

scheduling sucks

"There has to be a better way"

After realizing how inefficient his manager's scheduling process, one of our founders decided there had to be a better way, and over the years that has become Quickstaff.

Start Your 14 Day Free Trial

We know what it's like...

You send out a mass email and some reply all, some just reply, some text, others call, some just show up, while others confirm but then don't show.
WHY stay in scheduling hell 😖?!
Sit back and imagine

Life, If You Could...

Beautifully Designed

Our clean vibrant interface helps you visually organize your events

Everything in one place

Our Event Dashboard shows you all of your upcoming events and allows you to store files or make notes to keep everything organized.

Staff accountability

By letting us track staff responses, you have complete visibility over all of your staff and their response status at any time.

Improve Attendance

Quickstaff can help eliminate no-shows and last minute call-offs by confirming employee attendance. You’ll also be notified when employees haven’t responded.

Rest Assured

Ever had to wash dishes, bartend,  or run the soundboard because you forgot to schedule the right people? With Quickstaff, you can confirm that all roles are filled so you can focus on your job, not cover someone else’s.

Save Time

Stop juggling hundreds of texts, emails and calls for a single event. Throwaway your spreadsheet too! Allow Quickstaff to organize your events so you can get your life back.

WHY stay in scheduling hell 😖???
Awesome Features

Quickstaff Features

Our features are designed to help free up your time, keep you organized and let you know exactly where you stand.


Our teams feature allows you to have multiple teams working simultaneously with different access levels.


Get a look at your upcoming events quickly so you can plan your week and get ahead of the game.


Our templates allow you to save a recurring event or a dynamic team and use them again in future schedules.


Attach your call sheets, table layout, section assignments and more. No more employee excuses.

Custom Roles

We allow you to create the roles. There is no predefined box we want to squeeze you into. You're free to be you.


Send important notes to the employee with the invite. When they accept the invite, you know they have the notes.


Happy Users All Around the World

“The best there is! The staff is so receptive and responsive. They REALLY do care about their clients/customers.”
Event Staff Agency
“My life changed the day I started using Quickstaff!”
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"It's become so valuable to me, that it would be a loss to stop using it. We have made it an integral part of our system. "
“The more I use it, the easier it is.”
Dance Academy
“It's super user friendly, and well worth the minimal subscription fee. It has saved us a lot of headaches when it comes to scheduling.”
Sound and Lighting
“It has a very clean and clutter free interface and is amazingly simple to use for both employer and employee!!”
Video Production
🙌 Change the way you schedule for better.