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Why You Need Event Staff Scheduling Software Now

January 28, 2023

Catering events have many moving parts that can be difficult to keep track of. However, staffing should not be one of those things. In the past, people have used a spreadsheet system, or even a daily calendar, to keep a catalog of staff, events, and availability. Maybe at one time this was an ideal system, but with recent changes in the world, including COVID-19, and near-daily technology advancements, there is now a more efficient way to track event staff with event staff scheduling software.

Even if you feel like your current system is working, look at these problems that may indicate an issue in how you are handling things now.

No more Phone Tag

Even in the era of technology phone tag still exists, but there are more ways to miss contact with someone. If you find yourself calling, and/or texting someone and never receiving a reply back, it can be incredibly frustrating. The uncertainty of the situation can lead to undue anxiety over staff coverage. If you are trying to contact someone, and they do not respond back, it is understandable if you take it personally. It can be frustrating not knowing whether or not you will have the coverage needed for your next shift.  

Staff Availability

In a COVID-19 world, availability can change without notice and you can lose half your available staff in an instant. Not knowing, or having to keep track of when someone can come back to work is just one more thing to add to the stress of an incredibly stressful industry.

No More No Shows

“I didn’t know I was scheduled!” is probably one of the most irritating things to hear from an employee, yet sometimes it may be genuine. However, true or not, that does not help no show induced staffing shortages.

These are just three of the more prominent signs that you need a better staffing solution. And now that you are aware of the issues and realize that scheduling software is the answer, a new question arises. How do you know what software application to use? Unfortunately, with the time consuming intricacies of the catering industry you may not have the time to invest in finding one that works for you. Plus, you may not like it when you do use it and you will have wasted precious time, and money. Not to mention the flip-flopping between systems that can alienate you and your staff. So, it is imperative that you are confident in your first choice. To help you, here is a comparison of a few staff event software systems to boost that confidence.


Let’s dive right into 7Shifts scheduling. They offer a free package for up to 10 employees. Which seems like a nice idea. They have what they consider to be an intuitive scheduling application, that focuses on the scheduling needs of the restaurant industry. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks. They only allow minimal tools for the smaller, less expensive, packages and in order to obtain the more useful tools you need you may end up paying up to $76.99 per month per location. That is not including the Add-ons that you can purchase such as Tip pooling ($24.99), Manager Log Book ($14.99), and Task Management ($12.99) keeping in mind that these prices are also per month per location. They do offer a free 14 day trial.


WhenIWork seems to be pretty standard, boilerplate kind of schedule management. Simple tools such as employee communication, and schedule creation. Pricing wise, they offer a Small Business package that works for scheduling for up to 100 employees for $2.00 a user. Mind you, that is just for scheduling and messaging. If you want to also have the ability to track time and attendance it is $4.00 a user. Their Enterprise package is for 100-10,000 employees and offers more features than the small package but at an unspecified price. They, like 7Shifts, offer a 14 day free trial.  


Quickstaff is made especially for event based companies who use on-demand or temporary staff as their workforce. Other staff scheduling software assumes that your staff are employees. It assigns shifts to a staff, whereas Quickstaff ASKS your staff if they can work. When your staff can say “No”, scheduling gets a little more complicated.

Quickstaff is an easy to operate, and intuitive scheduling system where you can easily create detailed notes about events including location, clients, special instructions, dress codes, etc. This ensures that each member of the staff is fully aware of the expectations for each event. What is very convenient, not to mention efficient, is the ability to assign people by roles, such as server, or photographer. Which will cut down on having to search for an individual and question whether you have scheduled someone for a specific job. You also have the ability to create a waitlist of staff in the event of someone being unavailable. Not only will you have the ability to see who is available, but your staff will also be able to block out time that they are unavailable, so you don’t waste your time trying to schedule them. Quickstaff offers 3 staffing packages

Boutique - For smaller businesses with a max of 60 staff for $49 per month.

Growing - This one is for, obviously, growing businesses with up to 150 staff members for $99 per month.

Large - This package is intended for large business with up to 400 staff for $249 per month.

Unlike the previously mentioned staff scheduling softwares, Quickstaff includes all of their features standard in every package. So no matter if you are a small business, you are not being treated small. There are also no per staff fees. And there is a 14 day free trial.

Out with the old and in with the new! Choosing the right software can do more than ease the strain on day to day planning. It can help with other aspects of staffing problems such as reducing a high turnover rate caused by frustrated staff; eliminate coverage gaps at events; and more importantly it will improve the quality of service provided to your clients by streamlining your business in a way that is invaluable to your business.

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