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How to keep the best event staff

April 11, 2023

A couple weeks ago, we reviewed some of the best interview questions to ask candidates.

As you well know, it takes time and effort to recruit, interview, hire and train staff members. Let's not let that time and effort go to waste!

So what are some techniques you can use to retain the best employees at your event company? Here are some of our tips!

Equip employees to be their best

The best employees not only complete tasks thoroughly, they want to grow both personally and professionally. Keeping the status quo isn’t enough, they are always striving to reach the next level.

Show these employees you value them by giving them what they need to grow and improve in their positions. Don’t hold back your praise, encouragement and constructive criticism. Given their desire to improve, they will welcome advice on best practices.

As employees continue with your event company, they will also value professional development. Think about learning opportunities you can provide team members, whether it be a guest speaker, online course, book club for employees, or simply sharing a TED Talk recommendation that can help your superstars be their best.

Delegate increased responsibility

With the many responsibilities and tasks on your plate, delegation becomes increasingly important.

But more than a way to manage your workload, delegating is an invaluable tool to show employees that they’re doing a great job and you value their contributions. Invite outstanding staff members to assist in training new employees, lead the team meeting at the beginning of an event, or take responsibility for some of the administration tasks outside of events.

Increased responsibility signals the potential of career growth within your company, something of high value to your superstars!

Give your staff opportunities to own their work

When you think about the superstars on your team, they likely all demonstrate ownership of their work.

They take their roles seriously and will do everything in their power to please guests at events, subcontractors, and the managers and owners of the company. Their job is much more than a way to pay the bills, they see themselves as an integral part of the company’s success.

Recognize this trait in your team’s superstars by regularly seeking their input. Being on the frontlines of events, they are likely to have innovative ideas to help the company run smoothly and execute top-notch events.

Be open to their suggestions and feedback and most importantly, take the time to listen carefully and ask questions. With ideas you decide to test and implement, give your team members the independence to carry out the new initiatives.

And whether it’s the launch of a new idea or an on-the-spot judgement call, empower your staff to make decisions on their own.

This empowerment allows your team to own their roles, rather than simply feel like an invisible part of the machine.

Be a cheerleader and provide incentives

It’s important to reinforce each team member’s value to the company.

Make sure that they know what they’re doing is important – from the extra tasks they do behind the scenes to make everyone’s lives easier to demonstrating top-notch customer service to your guests.

Incentives are also a great way to motivate staff and reward outstanding performance. If your event company is in the early stages, these programs don’t need to be expensive! It can be as simple as having your staff nominate peers for a monthly gift card draw or receiving a reward when a certain milestone is reached.

As your company is able, regular raises or bonuses are also important for retention. If your superstars feel valued, both with praise and remuneration, the more likely they are to stay with your event company.

Make your event company the best

Here’s the thing about superstars: It won’t just be you noticing their valuable work!

Other companies and managers may have worked with your team members at other events and would love the opportunity to do so again! That’s why culture within your event company must be top-notch.

If the team environment is supportive, encouraging, positive and welcoming, employees won’t want to leave! As you gear up for growth, make sure to invest in company culture too. A positive atmosphere is hard to leave, and is certainly extra incentive for superstars to remain with your event company.

Make clear communications a priority

Another way to show those superstars that they’re valued is communicating clearly.

And let's admit it. In the event industry, a lot of staff communication challenges boil down to staff scheduling challenges.

Don’t keep them guessing about their schedules, assigned tasks or event information. Make it simple and consistent with event scheduling software.

Your team will love the run-down of information for each event, you’ll love having everyone on the same page.

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