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Top 10 Benefits of Using Event Staff Scheduling Software

April 11, 2023

How Event Staff Scheduling Software Can Transform Your Catering Business?

Events are a messy affair and it takes a huge effort to pull them off successfully. Whether you’re organizing a wedding, a corporate event, a music festival or a birthday party, the role of event staff is very crucial. This is why communication, scheduling, planning & execution is very important and they can make or break an event.

It is very important to utilize an event staff scheduling software to streamline your operations and make sure every event is executed flawlessly. The reason is the changing nature of the hospitality industry and modern challenges like COVID-19, which has made the industry a lot more fluid and it can be hard to stay on top of everything.

Another reason is many people who work as event staff don’t work on a fixed schedule as they’re often hired on a need basis temporarily. This means making sure all your event staff is available at each event and keeping track of your team’s shift availability through paperwork or spreadsheets which can be tiring and take a lot of your time.

This is where event staff scheduling apps like Quickstaff can bring immense value and help caterers simplify staff scheduling and communication. If you are already using event planning tools like Caterease, then you should consider automating your event staff scheduling as well and simplify your business operations.

Here are a couple of valuable benefits of using an event staff scheduling software.


1. Streamline Your Catering Business

Manually scheduling your event staff can create lots of inefficiencies and productivity waste for caterers. This is because when caterers spend a majority of their time managing and scheduling their staff, it is possible to lose sight of the needs of customers.

Utilizing our event staff app Quickstaff will help you streamline your business operations and reduce complications in the business. You’ll be able to keep a track of your employees' availability at all times with just a click and you will no longer have to worry about staff shortages on the event day. It will help you automate a key part of your business and will let you focus on customer experience.

2. Improve Customer Service

Managing and scheduling your employees manually means there is a chance that some of them may not make it to the event leading to lower quality service delivery. This is why you should not leave this to chance and use the latest apps to ensure your event staff is available at every event no matter what.  

Using a staff scheduling app will help you improve your customer service because your team will always be present on the event days to handle everything. This will not only impress your customers but also bring in more business with a positive word of mouth generated by their great experiences.

3. Keep a check on staff availability at all times

You will be able to keep a check on the availability of your employees and it will be easier for you to plan and execute an event. In addition to this, event staff scheduling software also brings accountability and transparency to your business and you will be able to control the number of absentees.

4. Real-Time Communication

Communicating with your entire event staff can be challenging especially for caterers as there are lots of events and there is a long list of things to do. This is where event staff scheduling software will bring massive value and improve your staff communications.

With apps like Quickstaff, you will be able to communicate with your entire staff in one app without having to talk to everyone individually. You’ll be able to create an event, schedule it, and notify every staff member who is available about it. In addition to this, you will be able to send messages and files to your entire staff or select individuals for specific events.

Your employees will be able to share their available time slots and communicate with everyone on a single platform. This will allow you to manage your entire event through a single software where you will be able to plan, schedule, communicate with your team in a user-friendly manner, and improve your event execution.

5. No more paperwork

Traditionally, events industry professionals and business owners had to do an insane amount of manual paperwork and manage spreadsheets just to document and run their operations. However, with software like Quickstaff, everything related to your event staff scheduling gets automated and you don’t have to do any manual labor for scheduling your staff.

This will reduce a lot of paperwork and you’ll be able to do everything on one platform using your phone and computer.

6. Make Scaling Your Business Easier

Scaling a catering business requires a complete focus on your long-term growth strategy and business development. This is why business owners need to think of the bigger picture and scale their business instead of running operations all the time.

Business growth is only possible when you are looking at the big picture and executing your long-term plans instead of dealing with day to day management and scheduling of your staff. This is where Quick staff can help you focus on scaling your business and improve your customer experiences with dedicated staff available for each event.

7. Save Your Valuable Time

Time is the ultimate currency for business owners and professionals, especially in the event services industry. Time lost in a services business means lost revenue and customers which could impact your long-term growth as a business.

This is why you need to have tools to save time and focus on growing your business. Saving valuable time through event staff scheduling apps will help you focus on strategic aspects of your business and let you bring clarity as well as focus on long-term business growth.

8. No more scheduling conflicts

Manually scheduling your event staff can result in a lot of conflicts as most of the event staff is hired temporarily for specified durations. It can result in the non-availability of your event staff leading to problems in event execution.

With event staff scheduling software like Quickstaff, you do not have to worry about any conflicting schedules of your employees. All you have to do is log in to the Quickstaff app and start creating events, communicating with your team, and scheduling your event staff duties.

9. Reduce Staffing Costs

Manual scheduling could also lead to hiring more than required staff for an event leading to higher costs and reduced margins. The caterers and events industry, in general, operates on razor-thin margins and any miscalculations can always lead to reduced profits and growth. This is where event scheduling apps will help you optimize your event staff requirements and will lead you to hire just the right amount of staff for your events.

Quickstaff will help you hire an accurate number of event staff and help you figure out the most regular and well-performing employees with just a glance on our dashboard.

10. Improved Employee Experience

Employee satisfaction is not just about offering the best salaries and incentives, it’s also about creating a great company culture and giving them a great experience. However, with the continuous events and customer demands, it can be hard to streamline everything and focus on employee experience.

Employees generally feel satisfied with an organization when they are informed clearly about the expected duties and roles in advance. Using our event staff-scheduling app Quickstaff will help you improve your employee experience as everything will be automated and communication will be very clear.

About Quickstaff

Quickstaff is a powerful event staff scheduling tool that will help you easily manage all of your event staff needs, from creating schedules and tracking confirmations to communicating event details and checking staff availability.

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