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Custom-made for...

Event Staff Agencies
Theater Set Construction
Bartending Agencies
Corporate Party Planners
Event Photograhers
Film & TV Production Companies
Volunteer Fire & Emergency Groups
Experiential Marketing Street Teams
Campus Police
College Stadium Event Staff
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What makes it so perfect?

Control it All From One Single Place

…without email, text messages, phone calls, binders, sticky notes and memory work.

Save Time with Automated Staff Emails

Invite as many staff as you like. QuickStaff notifies them all, tracks their responses and fills the roles on a first come, first serve basis.

Track It All, So Nothing Gets Missed

Green, orange and red highlights tell you which events need your attention next.

Avoid Conflicts and Only Schedule AVAILABLE Staff

QuickStaff lets your team members block out the dates they can’t work. At any given time, you can see who is available, and send invitations to only those who can actually say yes.

Get Up and Running In 5 Minutes Flat

QuickStaff is best known for one thing: Effortless Event Staff Scheduling. We know you have a million (more important) things to do than scheduling. Our clean design and simplified workflow let can get the job done fast, so you can move on.

Keep it Simple for Staff with 1-Click Confirmations

Whether from a desktop or mobile device, accepting a shift is as easy as clicking a button from inside their work invitation. Your team will love the simplicity of nothing to learn, nothing to remember and no login required.

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Quickstaff Features

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Staff Calendars
Blockout Dates
Custom Roles
Calendar Sync
Scheduled Reminders
Calendar Sync
1-Click Staff Confirmations
Empty Shift Alerts
Crystal Clear Notes
🚀 Upgrade the way you schedule