In recent past, staff scheduling was typically done with a calendar, spreadsheet and sticky notes or a few handwritten reminders. While it may have served its purpose for beginners, this method of doing things certainly isn’t the fastest or most accurate way for professionals who have better things to do.

Fortunately, the modern era of technology has made staff scheduling easier than ever. Here are 6 ways the QuickStaff scheduling system can make life easier for everyone involved.

1) Schedule from one central dashboard

Schedule from one central location: Staff Scheduling

You no longer need to wrestle with a calendar, spreadsheet, notepad, emails, phone calls and text messages. Instead, you can schedule your staff and see your whole schedule from ONE SINGLE location!

2) Access your work from anywhere

You no longer have to worry about lost paperwork, calendars that are at your office when you’re away, or spreadsheets that tend to get disorganized.

The QuickStaff platform is 100% online, which means you can access it at any time, from anywhere in the world. There’s no better way to stay dialled in and always informed.

3) Set it & forget it (it’s automatic!)

event-status: Staff Scheduling

With QuickStaff, you can schedule your staff in three simple steps:

Step 1: Create an event
Step 2: Choose your staff by their roles (waiter, bartender, cook, etc.)
Step 3: Let QuickStaff contact & confirm those you invite

4) Know who is available & who is not

One of the biggest frustrations of staff scheduling is staff unavailability. You spend your time creating the perfect schedule and contact your team members, only to discover they aren’t available.

Now you can see everyone’s availability before you start. Each employee can block out dates so they’re not even an option when scheduling for a conflicting event.

5) No training required (for you or your team)

1-click-confirm: Staff Scheduling

The biggest obstacle to trying a new system is the ease of execution. With QuickStaff, there’s no training required!

Whenever you create an event, simply invite the team members you want to include.

The system then generates an automatic email (shown above), through which he or she can simply accept or decline.

It’s that easy! No special accounts or logging in required.

6) Synch up with your schedule

add-to-calendar: Staff Scheduling

Don’t want to keep multiple calendars on the go? You and your team can add every QuickStaff event to any major calendar provider. This prevents every member of the team from double-booking or forgetting an event.

Ready to Improve Your Staff Scheduling?

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