28 Event pros reveal their 3 essential event planning tools

Temporary Staff Management: 3 Keys to Effective Communication

Good help is hard to find. Whether your company depends on temporary staff management once in a while, or on a regular basis, you are likely already aware that effective communication with your staff can result in a strong team, a great event and a long list of happy clients. The Need for Clear Communication […]

Event Planner Kit: 25 Things You Need to Be Prepared for Anything on Event Day

Preparation is a big part of the event planning business. However, despite your best efforts, something unexpected will inevitably happen, requiring you to think on your feet. It could be something broken you need to fix, a brochure you forgot to ship or an important item your client left at home. Whatever it happens to […]

Staff Scheduling Made Quick and Easy

In recent past, staff scheduling was typically done with a calendar, spreadsheet and sticky notes or a few handwritten reminders. While it may have served its purpose for beginners, this method of doing things certainly isn’t the fastest or most accurate way for professionals who have better things to do. Fortunately, the modern era of technology has made staff scheduling easier […]

Mind Mapping: A Little Known Tool to Greater Clarity and Creativity in Your Event Business

Do you have a lot on your mind and no matter how many lists you make, you just can’t seem to get it all down on paper or feel settled about having things under control? Planning and running an event takes a tremendous number of details, but unless you’re one of the small few who […]

The 5 Biggest Staff Scheduling Challenges for Event Planners

One of the most time-consuming responsibilities of an event professional is staff scheduling. Every occasion needs the right people in the right roles so you can create a great experience for everyone involved. Unfortunately, it comes with a number of major challenges. Here are just 5 to start. Challenge #1: Your staff don’t all work […]

3 Big Ideas to Grow Your Event Business

Has your company’s revenue hit a plateau? Are you struggling to attract new clients or expand into additional areas? Here are three big ideas for growing your event business and taking your company to the next level. They’re simple to talk about, but take time and energy to implement. However, they’re time tested and proven to work across all industries, […]

The QuickStaff 5 Minute Overview